A New Approach to Campus Fundraising

A high-level task force composed of donors, deans, and campus administrators met in spring 2015 to take a deeper look at our fundraising performance, frame a set of principles for campus fundraising, evaluate options, and build consensus around our approach. Campus leadership, including Chancellor Nicholas Dirks and the Council of Deans, were briefed on the approach, and gave their broad approval to proceed with the design phase of the effort.

Three key, interconnected strategies were identified by the Campus Fundraising Task Force as having the highest potential to help Berkeley take fundraising to the next level and offer a world-class donor experience. In fall 2015, three Working Groups [link to page] will assist in the implementation planning for these areas:

1.    Coordination of large fundraising projects to ensure that all major fundraising projects are strategically aligned with campus priorities, have the planning and resources in place to achieve success, and are effectively tracked for progress.

2.    Expanding relationship management to ensure a high-quality donor experience.

3.    Developing an organizational model that ensures that we support the professional development and success of campus fundraisers and have top-tier, professional fundraising throughout the campus.

Executive Committee    

Sets scope and direction, and makes final decisions.

  • Nicholas Dirks, Chancellor
  • Claude Steele, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost (Task Force Co-chair)
  • Scott Biddy, Vice Chancellor, University Relations (Task Force Co-chair)

Planning Team

Provides planning and support to the Task Force

  • Tim Gallagher, Organizational Consultant
  • Phyllis Hoffman, Associate EVCP and Chief of Staff
  • Julie Hooper, Associate Vice Chancellor, University Relations
  • Irene Kim, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Advancement    
  • Andrea Lambert, Special Projects Administrator, Office of the EVCP

Task Force Members

  • Susan Chamberlin, Trustee
  • Sujit Choudhry, Dean, Berkeley Law School
  • Fiona Doyle, Dean, Graduate Division
  • Benjamin Hermalin, Vice-Chair, Academic Senate
  • Carla Hesse, Executive Dean, College of Letters & Science; Dean, Social Sciences Division
  • Chris McKee, Interim Vice Chancellor for Research
  • Rosemarie Rae, Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer
  • Shankar Sastry, Dean, College of Engineering
  • Nathaniel H. (Nat) Simons, Board of Visitors
  • Nadine Tang, Trustee
  • Jennifer Wolch, Dean, College of Environmental Design

Questions & Feedback

Please send any questions or comments to fundraising2.0@berkeley.edu. Campus staff can also find more information on the University Relations website, Eureka.