It is important to know and follow your local department’s policies and procedures for responding in the event of an emergency. The resources listed below are intended to supplement your department’s internal procedures and protocols.

Office of Emergency Management

Emergency website reachable anytime, from anywhere used for official campus communication in the event of a campus emergency or crisis situation.

Emergency Information Line 1-800–705-9998 - In the event of a campus emergency, Public Affairs, working in conjunction with the Police Department, will leave a message on this toll-free. It will be updated as the emergency situation evolves.

Excluding Disruptive Persons from Campus - Campus policies and procedures for implementing State Penal Code Section 626.

KALX Radio (UCB) Campus Emergency Broadcast Station (90.7 FM) - on air 24 hrs/day, excellent info source in campus emergencies.

Office of Risk Services Emergency Contacts - whom to contact for serious situations 

Sexual Violence and Harassment Prevention & Response - campus resources for preventing and responding to sexual violence and harassment

Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Policy - University of California policy on sexual violence and harassment

Survivor Support Handout -- resources, with contact information, for assistance with sexual harassment and sexual violence, including stalking, domestic violence, and related concerns.

Tools to Survive Targeted Violence - UCPD information on what to do if you see or hear of an armed shooter on campus.

UC Berkeley Police Department (UCPD)

WarnMe Emergency Alert Service -- Alerting and warning service for students, staff, and faculty.