January 27, 2016: WIsdom Cafe video: Leader as Storyteller: Claude Steele

November 17, 2015: Wisdom Cafe blog post: How stereotypes can impede our work - and what we can do about it

May 11, 2015: Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance Town Hall

April 29, 2015: Commonwealth Club, What's the Value of a College Education?

February 4, 2015: Lecture on Whistling Vivaldi at Northwestern University, article by the Institute for Policy Research, The High Cost of Stereotypes [Whistling Vivaldi author, IPR scholars define effects interventions]

December 8, 2014: Family Action Network Presentation, Evanston Township High School, Whistling Vivaldi: How Stereotypes Affect Us and What We Can Do

May 23, 2014: Interview, 26th APS Annual Convention, San Francisco, Inside the Psychologist's Studio: Claude Steele

June 22, 2013: Commencement Address, Tufts University, "Lean In and Let In"