Building an inclusive community

Co-led by interim EVCP Christ, Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion Na'ilah Nasir

One of Berkeley's remarkable assets is its diversity across populations, academic disciplines, and areas of research. The university promotes and supports this diversity - in background, identity, orientation, intellectual interests and perspectives - because it fuels the university’s educational excellence, reflects the realities of the world students will soon enter, and brings vitality to the community.

It is a continual effort, however, to create a campus community in which such a diverse array of people and groups feel welcome and respected. In line with Chancellor Dirks’ commitments in this area, interim EVCP Christ is currently working with Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion Na’ilah Nasir to develop programs and resources that ensure our campus welcomes, values, and supports all members of its community. Central endeavors include the African American Initiative, a comprehensive effort to address underrepresentation of African American students, faculty, and staff on campus; a major effort to improve campus services, policies, and practices related to the prevention, remediation, adjudication, and sanctioning of sexual violence, harassment, and assault against students, staff and faculty; and the implementation of recommendations from the 2014 Chancellor’s Task Force on Academics and Athletics, which focus on better integrating varsity athletics into the fabric of the campus and ensuring student-athletes’ academic success.