Developing a far-reaching strategy for Berkeley through financial and program reform

Co-led by interim EVCP Christ and Vice Chancellor Scott Biddy

UC Berkeley’s funding sources have become much more diverse and competitive, and as such, it is critical to design and develop structures, processes, and incentives that can help ensure its long-term financial sustainability.

Working in close collaboration with the Campus Budget Office, existing committees, and academic leaders, interim EVCP Christ and Vice Chancellor Scott Biddy are leading an effort to ensure Berkeley’s academic preeminence by underpinning it with a more sustainable financial model. This initiative is focused on five primary goals that they are working toward in collaboration with academic and administrative leaders: 1) strengthen units’ ability to influence revenue growth; 2) simplify allocation decisions and processes; 3) better allocate funding in line with institutional priorities; 4) provide adequate strategic funding; and 5) give campus leaders greater local flexibility in allocating resources.

Visit the Campus Budget Office web site for more information on the Finance Reform initiative.