Business Contracts

Berkeley Regional Services (BRS)


Call (510) 642-1032 for requests for: building maintenance, lock shop, utilities operations, recycling, pest management, grounds and custodial services, facilities services customer service.

  • Asset Management administers and coordinate facilities activities that impact the buildings within a respective region. Find your Asset Regional Manager.
  • Custodial Services offers housekeeping services to public space, offices, labs, and classrooms.
  • Environmental Services (Pest Management), provides consultation on pest prevention techniques for both indoor and outdoor areas including campus labs, offices, food areas, and housing units for all types of pests.

People & Culture

The following links have information pertaining to staff and student employment. For academic personnel issues, visit the Academic Personnel Office.

 Information Technology 

  • Find useful links for IT Services, Security, Support, and Policies.

Library Bindery

  • High-quality library and book binding services

 Parking & Transportation

Property Management - Sale and disposal of surplus UC Berkeley campus property; acquisition, assistance, and management of the University's fleet of vehicles; moving and special event support services; and secured rental storage space programSustainability