Post-strike implementation

While the 2022 UAW contract negotiations and strike period is over, the work of rebuilding is just beginning. This website will provide information and updates about the post-strike recovery efforts. To help guide these efforts, five working groups have been established with overall central coordination. Many of our efforts going forward, as outlined below, are directed toward the critical need to rebuild our community.

This website will be updated as these efforts progress.

Work groups

  • Financial planning — Including future-looking financial modeling, UAW contract implementation, contract billing and effort reporting for the strike period. This workgroup is broken into three distinct teams focused on the following specific areas:

    • UAW Contract Implementation: This team will focus on matters such as training the Berkeley Regional Services (BRS) organization, Sponsored Projects Office and Industry Alliances Office on the new pay rates, GSR/GSI steps and the integration with grants and budgets. Secondly, the team will develop and deliver training for faculty (including Principal Investigators), department managers, academic personnel analysts and others who might supervise UAW workers on the new contract. Lastly, this team will ensure the accuracy of new data input into UCPath. We encourage you to rely on official university sources for information, such as UCOP, Employee and Labor Relations (ELR), the Academic Personnel Office (APO), and the post-strike recovery website that has been established.

    • Contract billing and payroll recovery for strike periodThis team will focus on the distribution, completion and processing of attestation forms which will record the time worked during the strike. Secondly, the team will develop recommendations and procedures for grant billing and effort-reporting for the grant period.

    • Financial modeling: This team will model UAW affected salary and benefit increases at the department, employee type and contract/grant level over varying time horizons. The model will be made available to administrators, deans and chairs for decision making.

    • LeadRosemarie Rae, VC-Finance and CFO
    • Staff: Rosemary Kim, AVC & COS for the Office of the VCF
  • Academic/instructional planning — Resolving grading issues from fall semester, re-engaging with GSIs and UGSIs, long-term consequences on instruction.

    • Leads: Oliver O’Reilly, VPUE; and Mary Ann Smart, Chair, Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate
    • Staff: Sumali Tuchrello, Project Policy Analyst, Office of the VPUE
  • Faculty experience — Managing relationships with funders (e.g., research funded by federal agencies), repairing relationships with graduate students that may have been affected by the strike

    • LeadsVictoria Plaut, VPF; Kathy Yelick, VCR; and Mary Ann Smart, Chair, Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate
    • Staff: Dana Jantz, Project Policy Analyst, Office of the VPF
  • Campus climate and healing  — Supporting employees, faculty, and students with rebuilding connections and community; understanding the impacts of the strike on graduate programs moving forward.
    • LeadsLisa Garcia Bedolla, VP, Graduate Studies & Dean of the Graduate Division; and Sunny Lee, AVC & Dean of Students
    • Staff: Marissa Berwick, Executive Assistant, Office of the Dean of Students
  • Communications — Ensuring the campus community is informed about post-strike recovery efforts and has access to information needed to move forward.
    • Lead: Diana Harvey, AVC, Communications and Public Affairs 
    • StaffKristine Wilby, Academic Affairs Manager, Office of the EVCP

Additional information

Trainings for new and updated UAW contracts

The Academic Personnel Office, Graduate Division, Berkeley Regional Services, and Employee and Labor Relations are excited to provide campus training on the following new and updated UAW Contracts:  

Descriptions and dates can be found in this bMail message. We encourage all of our campus partners to attend. Please RSVP to the training by completing this form.

For any training related questions please contact Mara Otero.

ASE and GSR Negotiations/Contract Office Hours

Faculty and administrative staff - unsure of how the new contract affects your department? Need advice on helping your students navigate the system? Get your questions answered one on one in our Employee & Labor Relations hosted Office Hours sessions. We’re open every other Friday from 9-10am. RSVP here to be added to the calendar invites. Questions about Office Hours? Email us at