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Achieve Together 2.0: It’s About the Conversation

Achieve Together launched in 2020, enabling our campus to rethink the way we measure performance. The new program brought together the thoughts and voices of over 1,000 Berkeley staff and leaders, designed during two years of in-depth collaboration, to focus on coaching conversations between managers and team members. 

Campus evaluated the program in 2023, reviewing over three years of feedback, suggestions and learnings. In partnership with the Achieve Together Network, the Reducing the Bureaucratic Burden at Berkeley Taskforce, Berkeley’s EVCP Office, and Berkeley People & Culture, we enhanced the program with six essential modifications. These built upon the best aspects of Achieve Together, enabling managers to spend less time on the process in order to focus on relationship-building and the developmental performance evaluation conversations themselves. The new simplifications are intended to further strengthen the goal of Achieve Together, making sure that when it comes to performance evaluation and development at UC Berkeley, “It’s About the Conversation” between managers and team members.

Look for these six modifications in Achieve Together 2.0:

  • Timing Clarification

  • Reframing: Note Taking vs. Documentation / Transcription

  • A New Single Form, used for the Full Year of Conversations

  • Form Updates: Eliminating the Goals Comments Box 

  • Supplemental Questions

  • Notes Optional Fall Check-In

Learn more here: Achieve Together 2.0: It’s About the Conversation

Have suggestion, questions or comments, email us: achievetogether@berkeley.edu 

Change Management Toolkit

As a way of handling the ever-increasing volume of change that we experience each day on our campus, the UC Berkeley People & Culture team has developed this toolkit containing the most appropriate change management tools for use at UC Berkeley. Use the tools in this resource as you effectively manage change (and teach others how to do so) in order to greatly reduce bureaucratic burdens associated with our ever changing campus and work environment.

People & Culture Customer Survey

Introducing our brand new People & Culture customer survey to let users share feedback on human resource processes and procedures. This will be an ongoing survey to give you, our clients, the chance to rate how we helped and how we can improve!  Take 30 secs to tell us how we did!