Travel & Entertainment

Best Practices for Planning and Submitting Expenses

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Hulda Nelson

The EVCP finance team reviews and approves the following transactions:

  • For the Deans, Vice Chancellors (VCs), and Vice Provosts (VPs), their

    • business travel;

    • entertainment (where they served as host or otherwise were in attendance);

    • other reimbursements (e.g., memberships)

  • Exceptional entertainment above the Deans, VCs, VPs authorization level (i.e., > 150% standard meal rates)

  • Exceptional honoraria (>$10,000)

  • Exceptional moving expenses and airline travel (e.g. business class outside policy allowances)

All travel and entertainment reimbursements must be submitted within 45 days. Any reimbursements submitted after 45 days will be handled as taxable income to the employee.

For expenses requiring approval from the EVCP office, email signed reports or forms plus supporting documentation as attachments to for review. This SPA account cannot sign DocuSign envelopes.

Once the office approves a document, expect to receive an email from DocuSign containing the signed attachment or a link to download it for your records and further processing as applicable.

For more information and guidelines around travel and entertainment submissions to the EVCP Office, check the links below.