Manager Toolkit

Welcome to the UC Berkeley Manager Toolkit. This collection of resources is BY and FOR managers. Its success as a resource depends on your participation and we encourage you to both use and improve it. 

Manager Toolkit

The Manager Toolkit is formatted as a Google Drive Folder that is available to anyone with a UC Berkeley email. Within the folder, several sub-folders are categorized by subject area for easy reference. A summary resource page with “Quick Start Tips” is provided in each folder, along with any resources that have been submitted in that category.

Tool Link Owner Application Target Audience Contact
Manager Toolkit

Berkeley Administrative Management Professionals

Google Drive collection of online resources

Senior administrative managers and directors from academic departments, research, and administrative organizations

Toolkit Maintenance

The staff organization Berkeley Administrative Management Professionals (AMP) Management Council (MC) has agreed to take on the coordination of maintenance through crowdsourcing.

  • Campus open edit cycles: The Manager Toolkit Google folder will be open for suggested edits within the documents for a month period twice per year. 

    • Mid-March to mid-April

    • October

  • AMP MC will send out an invitation to managers (and other relevant groups) to review the Toolkit in whole or part, and to add comments and/or edits using the “Suggesting” edit feature in Google. People are also welcome to upload resource documents to the folders for each area of the Toolkit.

  • AMP MC members or delegates will review and approve or disapprove the suggestions based on their best knowledge. Comments found to be useful for others to read will be added to the toolkit documents noting the date of the comment and source, if appropriate. 

  • Edits and contributions between cycles can be submitted via a form that will go to Berkeley AMP MC. The speed of updates between cycles will be determined based on urgency and the availability of AMP MC members.