Your input needed on reducing the bureaucratic burden at Berkeley

November 9, 2022

Dear Colleagues:

As we all know, the bureaucratic burden at UC Berkeley can make it difficult to be efficient and effective in our work. We are grateful to the many dedicated members of our campus community who, both individually and collaboratively, work to improve our wonderful institution. It is paramount that we continue these improvement efforts and work more systematically together to improve processes and the navigability of Berkeley for students, faculty, and staff. 

To this end, we have assembled a task force charged with identifying and prioritizing possible and implementable changes with the goal of boosting morale and freeing up time for all members of our community. 

It is important that we create an opportunity to hear directly from a variety of stakeholders. To that end, we now ask for your help in the identification and prioritization of specific processes or tasks that in your opinion need to be simplified, improved, abandoned, or otherwise remedied. We do not require you to identify a solution for each of your submitted items though we would, of course, welcome relevant proposals.

Please provide input on your priority area(s) for improvement using this short form. The task force will start reviewing submissions on an ongoing basis and provide progress updates through the task force website. A final report will be presented by the task force by the end of spring 2023.

Please email with any questions.

In partnership,

Benjamin E. Hermalin

Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

This email was sent to all faculty and staff and will be shared with student leaders.