Council of Deans

The Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost (EVCP) convenes the Council of Deans (COD) as a regular forum for senior academic leaders to discuss strategic and operational issues and opportunities that impact the academic enterprise. The Council helps maintain communication and coordination amongst academic deans as well as between deans and the EVCP; provides an opportunity for deans to influence and develop strategies for addressing critical academic issues; and offers the Chancellor and EVCP a venue for sharing their goals and vision for the university.
Office of the EVCP Leads / Support Staff
  • Ben Hermalin, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost (convener)
  • Andrea Lambert-Tan, Assistant Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief of Staff (staff)
  • Chris Yetter, Senior Advisor to the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost (staff)
Schools and Colleges
  • College of Chemistry - Dean Douglas Clark
  • College of Computing, Data Science, and Society - Dean Jennifer Chayes
  • College of Engineering - Dean Tsu-Jae Liu
  • College of Environmental Design -  Dean Renee Chow
  • College of Letters and Science -  Executive Dean Jennifer Johnson-Hanks
  • College of Letters and Science, Division of Arts and Humanities - Dean Sara Guyer
  • College of Letters and Science, Division of Biological Sciences - Interim Dean Richard Harland
  • College of Letters and Science, Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences - Dean Steven Kahn
  • College of Letters and Science, Division of Social Sciences - Dean Raka Ray
  • Goldman School of Public Policy - Dean David Wilson
  • Berkeley School of Education - Dean Michelle Young
  • Haas School of Business - Dean Ann Harrison
  • School of Information - Interim Dean Marti Hearst
  • School of Journalism -  Dean Geeta Anand
  • School of Law - Dean Erwin Chemerinsky
  • School of Public Health - Dean Michael Lu
  • Rausser College of Natural Resources - Dean David Ackerly
  • School of Social Welfare - Interim Dean Susan Stone
  • Wertheim School of Optometry & Vision Science - Dean John Flanagan
Academic Affairs & Campus Support Units  
  • Academic Planning - Vice Provost Lisa Alvarez-Cohen
  • Academic Senate - Chair Maximilian Auffhammer
  • Enrollment Management & Undergraduate Admissions - Olufemi Ogundele
  • Equity and Inclusion - Vice Chancellor Dania Matos
  • Extended Education - Dean Richard Russo
  • Faculty - Vice Provost Victoria Plaut
  • Graduate Studies and Graduate Division - Vice Provost and Dean Lisa García Bedolla
  • Research - Vice Chancellor Kathy Yelick
  • Undergraduate Education - Vice Provost Oliver O'Reilly
  • University Library - University Librarian Suzanne Wones

If you or your unit would like to request the opportunity to present to or lead a discussion with the COD Group, please complete this brief request form.