Efforts across campus - fundraising & development

UDAR - Navigating the Advancement Enterprise at Berkeley

At Berkeley, more than 30 campus development offices must collaborate with each other, with campus leadership, and with University Development and Alumni Relations (UDAR) to achieve the campus’ ambitious philanthropic goals. With this project, UDAR has redesigned and launched the udar.berkeley.edu website, made improvements to the advancement intranet  Eureka (including a more robust search function), and developed an online onboarding toolkit for new advancement employees. Additional navigational tools are in development, including an expanded advancement training program, with both in-person and online offerings.

UDAR - Improving Gift Accumulation Reporting

It can be difficult to spend gift funds on campus because each fund contains unique terms and criteria for use (Gift Acceptance Policy). The Gift Accumulation Reporting project aims to create better reporting tools and develop enhanced gift fund purpose data to allow the campus to understand how gift funds go unspent (accumulate), and identify solutions to expand them. The project is also looking at secondary solutions for accumulation including, opening up hard to spend funds with revised terms and creating policy guidance of use of gift funds. As part of the project, faculty and staff can submit gift funds that they have difficulty using here