Efforts across campus - research administration

Reducing the Contracts Records Creation Workflow Burden

IPIRA Innovations Services has been using the standard campus contracts and grants record creation process which requires multiple steps and the involvement of multiple offices prior to IPIRA receiving records in Phoebe. Through collaboration with Research Administration and Compliance (RAC), it was decided that these preliminary steps are not necessary for IPIRA’s contracts for Innovation Services because they do not have research proposals attached to their contracts. Now, IPIRA creates Innovation Services records directly in Phoebe which has significantly reduced the administrative burden for IAO and BRS staff.

Reducing the Conflict of Interest Burden

IPIRA Innovations Services has been using the standard campus process for documenting and reviewing conflict of interest (COI), the 700U form, which requires involvement from multiple people and offices. Through collaboration with RAC, COI, and Risk Services, it was determined that 700Us do not need to be collected for Innovation Services programs when they do not involve research. Risk Services provided new contract language that instead places the onus on the company sponsor. This has greatly reduced the administrative burden for faculty, and for IAO, and BRS staff. 

BRS-ProS/SPO Research Administration Pilot Work Group

Identify opportunities for greater collaboration and communication between Sponsored Projects Office (SPO) Contract & Grant Officers and BRS/ProS Region Research Administrators, to provide enhanced just-in-time and efficient research administration services to Principal Investigators and other researchers within the ProS Region. This is intended as an initial pilot and may lead to processes that could be rolled out to other BRS regions in the future.  The project is aligned with, but not part of, the GSPP Research Administration Improvement Pilot.