Program Sponsors and Advisors

Leadership Sponsors

  • Paul Alivisatos, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost
  • Ben Hermalin, Vice Provost for the Faculty
  • Jo Mackness, Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources

Faculty Advisors

  • Janet Broughton, Vice Provost Emerita for the Faculty
  • Oscar Dubon, Vice Chancellor for Equity & Inclusion
  • Denise Herd, Professor of Health and Social Behavior & Division Head, Community Health Sciences
  • Randy Katz, Vice Chancellor for Research
  • Sharon Inkelas, Special Faculty Advisor to the Chancellor on Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence, Former New Chairs Faculty Lead, Former Chair of Linguistics
  • Ethan Shagan, New Chairs Faculty Lead, and Interim Chair of History
  • Angy Stacy, Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Equity and Welfare

Program Team

  • Andrea Lambert, Chief of Staff, Office of the EVCP
  • Angela Stopper, Chief Learning Officer, Director of Learning and Development
  • Karie Frasch, Director, Faculty Equity & Welfare

Program Partners

This leadership development program was created in collaboration with Coro Northern California, a non-profit organization in San Francisco with a 75-year history of developing leaders and a strong track record of offering effective programs at the University of California.