Announcement: Dean of the Goldman School of Public Policy

May 20, 2019

To the community of the GoldmanSchool of PublicPolicy,

On behalf of Chancellor Christ and myself, I write to update you on the outcome of the review of Dean Henry Brady in conjunction with his reappointment.

First, I wish to thank all of you who participated in this review. The review committee, the Chancellor, and I, were all the beneficiaries of the thoughtful input you provided, both in writing and via in-person meetings. The review process was a robust one.

Our decision is to extend Dean Brady through June 2021, which accords with his request for a two-year extension to finish the Upper Hearst project and with his desire to return to teaching and writing after that time.  

In line with the campus’s need to get a head start on putting in place new deans, we have decided to initiate a process whereby we start the search process well in advance of the start-date for the new dean.  For the GoldmanSchool, we will begin the search for the next dean during the 2019–20 academic year with an expectation that the next dean will begin service in July of 2021. This will enable Dean Brady to continue to steward the Upper Hearst building project during a critical phase, while also ensuring that the search launches with sufficient time for community input and the opportunity for a smooth transition. As you already know from public announcements and plans, among Dean Brady’s top priorities for the next two years will be curriculum reform and continued efforts with regard to diversity and inclusion, in addition to the new building at Upper Hearst.

Since Dean Brady’s appointment in July 2009, he has skillfully and energetically led the school through fiscally challenging times.  Among the highlights of his tenure are keeping GSPP one of the top-ranked publicpolicy schools in the nation, developing and launching the master's in public affairs (MPA) degree program, developing a sustainable financial model for the school, more than doubling GSPP's philanthropic success, expanding the School’s Executive Education programs, revitalizing and rebuilding the ladder faculty (including increasing the number of women on the ladder faculty and retaining under-represented minority faculty members), finding continuing support for the PublicPolicy and International Affairs program that promotes inclusion and full participation of underrepresented groups in public service, and moving forward on a building project that has the potential to provide needed space for the school as well as additional housing for the Berkeley community.

Beyond Dean Brady’s achievements for the School, he has been a tireless member of our campus leadership, serving on critical committees and representing the campus externally.  We have benefited from his clarity, candor, and enthusiasm, and are grateful for his service to the Berkeley campus.

A. Paul Alivisatos
Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost