Key Information about Sexual Harassment and Violence

January 30, 2017

Dear members of the campus community,

Preventing and effectively responding to sexual harassment and sexual violence is a top priority for campus leaders.  It is also an effort that requires the dedicated attention and commitment of all of us.

Prevention is possible. It requires each of us to take responsibility to create a culture of respect, to intervene safely and appropriately when we see our community standards violated, and to take care of one another during difficult moments. Our campus leadership is working hard to strengthen our prevention efforts and to create a stronger culture of accountability. We ask all members of our campus community to join us in this effort.

As the spring semester gets underway, we encourage each of you to further your understanding of these matters and ensure that you are up to date regarding training requirements and your understanding of campus policies and processes.

You will soon receive a separate email from the campus Learning Center that will direct you to a document that provides answers to key questions regarding when employees have an obligation to report sexual assault and sexual harassment policy violations, reporting options, information on resources, policy and other key concerns. We ask that all members of our community read through the information in its entirety.


Nicholas Dirks