Summer Sessions 2020 Updated Deadlines

April 21, 2020

Dear Student:

We are extending the deadline to drop or withdraw from most Summer Sessions courses and still receive a refund for various fees, a move that we hope will provide students with greater flexibility.

This change will allow students two weeks to try new courses, and the all-remote instructional format for formerly face-to-face courses, that we recently announced, without worrying about approaching deadlines. Deadlines for the three week sessions (E&F) remain the same.

In addition to the extension of time before dropping a course, the Campus Fee, the Document Management Fee, and the Registration Fee are now refundable through the same deadline. 

It should be noted that to receive a refund of the Campus Fee, the Document Management Fee, and the Registration Fee, students must drop all of their courses before the refund deadline of their first enrolled sessionIf you remain in a course beyond the refund deadline in any session, those fees become non-refundable and will remain on your account even if you drop all of your courses later.

The deadline to change grading option to/from pass/no pass to/from a letter grade has also been extended by one week for all sessions, except Sessions E and F.


Session A

Session B

Session C

Session D

Session E

Session F

Session 12W

Cancel from Summer Sessions*

May 25

June 7

June 21

July 5

July 26

July 5

May 25

Add Courses, Drop Courses, or Withdraw from Summer Sessions (with refund).

June 5

June 19

July 2

July 17

August 2

July 12

June 5

Change Grading Option

June 26

August 7  

August 7

August 7

August 8

July 18

August 7

The Class Pass fee remains an open item depending on shelter-in-place orders and agreements with AC Transit. The $40 fee currently becomes non-refundable after a student’s first day of instruction and is only applicable to newly admitted students.

Best regards, 

A. Paul Alivisatos
Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost

Catherine P. Koshland
Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education

Rick Russo
Associate Vice Chancellor, Undergraduate Education and Dean, Summer Sessions, Study Abroad, & Lifelong Learning

This message has been sent to all undergraduate students