Spring 2022 instruction: Course technology and instruction mode

October 4, 2021

Dear Colleagues,

We write to you to follow up on the campus message announcing our instruction plans for spring 2022. 

Plans for spring 2022 instruction:

For classes offered in the spring 2022 semester and going forward, the default is that classes will be delivered according to their instruction mode as approved by COCI, which is in person for most classes.

Course technology:

As a reminder, our campus has many technical tools available via Research, Teaching, and Learning (RTL). These tools have a campus-wide license and have been reviewed for accessibility, privacy and security compliance. We strongly encourage you to use these tools and to visit RTL’s Keep Teaching website where updated resources will be posted in the coming months.

This academic year, we ask you to cease and desist in using student response systems (such as Clickers) for attendance taking. As a campus, we want to be very careful to avoid giving students any incentive to physically attend courses when they are not feeling well. The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) maintains a list of possible remote alternatives to attendance and participation for you to consider. 

If you are using student response systems for interactive instructional purposes (for example, quiz taking or knowledge checks during class), we encourage you to consider participating in a new pilot for virtual student response systems, you can find out more about the pilot via our webpage. RTL would greatly appreciate your feedback on the use of these new tools. 

Requesting to change instruction mode:

For classes offered in the spring 2022 semesters and going forward, the expectation is that classes will be delivered according to their instruction mode as approved by COCI, which is in person for most classes. Accordingly, those departments that wish to change the instruction mode for a spring 2022 class offering must submit a course revision through COCI:

  • We recommend that departments submit modifications to COCI by Oct. 22 to ensure enough time for feedback. The final date to submit a course modification to COCI for spring 2022 is Nov. 5.
  • For departments looking to create new courses for spring 2022, we recommend submitting proposals by Nov. 5. The final date to submit proposals for COCI review is Dec. 3. There is a preference to submit your proposal as early as possible. 

With our appreciation for all your work keeping the campus safe and educating our students.


Catherine Koshland

Interim Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

Ron Cohen

Chair, Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate

Lisa García Bedolla

Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Dean of the Graduate Division

Oliver M. O’Reilly
Interim Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education