Status of campus Wi-Fi issues, permanent fix planned this week

October 12, 2021

To the campus community,

This is an update regarding the latest progress we have made on resolving the campus Wi-Fi issues. We recognize that the ongoing issues with our Wi-Fi network are having a negative impact on instruction and learning, and have been working hard to resolve them as quickly as possible. The Wi-Fi issues have a number of underlying causes, making resolving the problem complex. The good news is we have seen positive progress with several improvements installed last week, and we are on track for a permanent solution planned for this week. 

Here is an update regarding the latest progress we have made this past week and what remains to be done:

  • Through extensive analysis of reported issues, IST determined that the Wi-Fi authentication servers were not adequately handling connection requests during peak times. Temporary resources were added to the system Oct. 1, with an observed improvement in average connection time. Permanent resources will be added after hardware is delivered (estimated Oct. 17) to fully resolve this issue. 

  • System tuning changes were implemented Oct. 7 to reduce system congestion and connection wait times. We have observed significantly better performance and fewer connection errors since then.

  • Today, the vendor released the permanent fix to address earlier issues that had been resolved with workarounds. Based on positive results from advance testing by the vendor in the field, we will implement this permanent fix tomorrow night starting at 8 p.m. The fix will require several hours to complete, and could result in a 10-15 minute disruption on an existing Wi-Fi connection. Devices that lose connection should be rebooted (turned off and on) to reconnect.

  • View detailed timeline of Wi-Fi response

Please let us know if you continue to experience Wi-Fi issues by calling 510-664-9000 and select option 1.

We appreciate your understanding and continued patience as we work to resolve these issues. 


Cathy Koshland, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

Marc Fisher, Vice Chancellor Administration

Jenn Stringer, Associate Vice Chancellor for IT and Chief Information Officer

Dave Browne, Executive Director of Campus IT Infrastructure

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