Disability Accommodations - Instructor guidance

Letters of Accommodation

The Disabled Students' Program (DSP) is the campus office responsible for authorizing disability-related academic accommodations for students, in cooperation with the students themselves and their instructors. Students who have been approved for DSP services may provide Letters of Accommodation (LOA's) addressed to their instructor which describe the student's needed accommodations.

If you receive an LOA and have questions or concerns on how to provide the accommodations listed, please contact the Disability Specialist who sent the letter. 


In general, instructors are responsible for providing accommodations for students who receive 150% extended time and/or a reduced distraction environment. DSP reserves its proctoring services for more complex accommodations, such as 200% (or more) time, a room alone, a scribe, or use of a computer.

Engaging with students

The DSP Faculty Frequently Asked Questions webpage provides guidance for engaging with students, including the following:

  • Students are encouraged to have a conversation with their instructors about their accommodations. DSP Specialists can also help facilitate these conversations. 
  • If you have concerns about a Letter of Accommodation, please reach out to the DSP Specialist who signed the letter directly. DSP, not the student, is responsible for managing disagreements between DSP and an instructor. Please do not discuss your concerns with the student.
  • Students with disabilities have a right to privacy regarding their medical diagnoses and medical documentation. Please do not discuss the student's accommodations with people who do not have a legitimate need to know or in public settings. If you would like to email all the DSP students in your class, please bcc them. 

Designing your syllabus

Accessibility and inclusive design

Questions and concerns

Get help

Learn more

  • Instructors can take a voluntary training opportunity (10-15 minutes) that contains a six-step instructor checklist for preparing for an accessible semester.

  • Instructors are encouraged to take the deeper dive DSP online training “Disability, Accommodation, and Access in the UC Classroom” (visit the DSP Resources for Faculty webpage and click on the “DSP New Online Training” link).